Nitric Oxide Benefits

Nitric Oxide Supplements

Nitric oxide is a compound that causes blood vessels to dilate in the body. When this happens more blood is allowed to flow to the extremities and organs. The human body naturally releases this compound when activity is increased. Such as when a person starts running or lifting a heavy object. The muscles require more oxygen due to the increased workload. So, the body responds by dilating the arteries to get more blood volume to the muscles and carry away the waste product.

Bodybuilders and fitness experts have recognized and implemented nitric oxide supplementation into their workouts. What these folks have learned is when the vascularity (the pump) is increased, the muscles have more oxygen available to use during strenuous exercise. Thus, the muscle will be able to grow more than if the supplements were not taken. This is what every person who walks through the doors of a gym wants to have happen. More results with the same effort. There are many supplements out there that I do not believe helps what so ever. And, I am going to show these as well. But, nitric oxide is one that there is tons of research proving this to be true.

In other articles, I am going to show more of the research behind NO (chemical name). How it is even used in emergencies like heart attacks to increase blood flow and oxygen to the heart. There are links to research and other information below. Check it out.